Our Clubs

Breakfast Club

We offer a comprehensive Breakfast Club, which gives you that extra bit of time to get to work and the reassurance that your child will arrive at school on time.

Once everyone is happy, fed & ready, the children are escorted via the walking bus or our company vehicle to their school playground in plenty of time so they can play with their friends and prepare before lessons start.

After School Club

We collect you children from a number of primary schools, such as Gorse Hall Primary, Trinity Primary and Stalyhill Infants & Juniors and keep them entertained until 6:30pm, which also includes and snack at 4pm.

This gives you plenty of time to get home from work and also gives your child extra time to play and burn off some excess energy.

  • Ready, Steady, Cook Nights
  • Dancing
  • Talent Competitions
  • Film Nights
  • Craft Projects
  • Homework Club
  • Themed Nights
  • Plus much more!

A structured evening programme of activities is also provided that allows you to have a relaxing time or work some overtime, whichever you prefer, but be rest assured that your child is having a blast with their friends and is in very good hands indeed.

Holiday Club

At Grow Happy, we understand that unfortunately your job probably does not have half terms and teacher training days. This has proved problematic for most parents in the past.

Luckily for them, we created the Holiday Club; the finest solution to combating boredom.

  • Trips Out (Bowling, Go Karts)
  • Themed Days (Disney, Marvel)
  • Art & Craft workshops
  • Local trips to the park & fields
  • Kids club challenges
  • Plus much more!

Holiday Club is the best and most productive way for your child to spend the holidays. Why not send them to us?

We will encourage them to play, learn and make loads of new friends whilst under the constant supervision of our energetic, qualified and experienced staff team.

St. Peters Club

Our clubs are an excellent opportunity to improve your child’s social and academic development, as they are in receipt of extra support and are able to associate learning with fun and play.

Our clubs also help your child to make more friends through the extra time out of the classroom with their peers.

  • Noodles
  • Sandwiches
  • Fruit & Yoghurt
  • Pancakes
  • Plus much more!

So your child doesn’t run out of steam during all this fun, we also provide a range of snacks and drinks to keep them topped up, without spoiling their tea.

Relax safe in the knowledge that your little one is being taken care of by our very experienced and energetic staff team.

Nursery Placement Registration Form

Fill out our registration form to register your child for a place at our childcare nursery, or download our registration PDF form and email it back to us.